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Here you’ll find a curated selection of books videos, podcasts, and blog posts to help you build better relationships with yourself and others, including my free guide, "Roadblocks to Healing: The Top 5 Beliefs That Harm Relationships”. I encourage you to explore these resources – and let me know which resonate with you the most. When you're ready to book your first session, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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Are Your Beliefs Harming Your Relationship?

As a relational therapist, I’m passionate about equipping people with skills to improve communication with their loved ones. That’s why I wrote "Roadblocks to Healing: The Top 5 Beliefs that Harm Relationships”. This guide will give you a new perspective and transform your approach to conflict.

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Hibiscus Psychotherapy Blog

Open new avenues of communication with those you love most.

In the Hibiscus Psychotherapy Blog, I share insights on gaining the skills necessary to generate sustainable change in your relationships—with yourself and with others.


Build Communication Skills

Intimate Relationships & Marriage

Enhance Erotic Intelligence

Setting Boundaries

Heal from Codependency

Becoming Parents


Understand Your Family of Origin

Attachment Bonds

Develop A Healthy Relationship with Money

Cultivate Mindfulness

Practice Self-Compassion

Heal from Trauma


Cope with Emotional Disturbances

Addiction Recovery


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