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As therapists, we know the value of going to counseling at points in our professional tenure. Similarly, clinical supervision is an important tool for your occupational growth—it helps you process how your emotional health and clinical work impact each other while giving you the tools to thrive in your career.

Clinical consultation helps you expand your perspective and keep your skills sharp, so you have support around your professional growth.

As a clinical supervisor, my goal is to help more therapists feel confident so they can flourish in their practice. Like ripples spreading across a pond, I empower therapists to help more clients than I could ever do alone. I offer both single-case consultation and ongoing consultation on an as-needed basis for practice insights, methodological training, and career guidance.

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Therapists I Work With

I work with therapists who are looking for practical applications of methodologies for couples and relational therapy, as well as those seeking guidance on general approaches to their practice.

I also help therapists who need guidance on career development. In educational settings, there is rarely any guidance on how to translate clinical skills into making a living. Whether you want to work in the private or public sector, or even create your own practice, my mission is to provide guidance for therapists who want to lead a healthy and productive career.


Areas of Specialization

“If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.”

― Chinese Proverb

I believe in teaching you frameworks that you can apply to different scenarios, so we can discover effective approaches that apply to more caseloads and aspects of your practice. I also use Socratic questioning to get to the core of your professional needs; in this way, my consulting approach is collaborative and adaptable. I specialize in the following areas of clinical consultation:

Relational Therapy

In relational therapy, I help you find solutions for your clients who are struggling in their relationships, whether your clients’ relationships are romantic, platonic, familial, or professional. I pull from a wide array of methodologies to help you address:

  • Dating and looking for love
  • Premarital issues
  • Facing a potential breakup and post-breakup recovery
  • Infidelity
  • Angry and hostile couples 
  • Conflict avoidant couples
  • Problematic interactional cycles, such as: the pursuer/distancer cycle, the overfunctioner/underfunctioner cycle, the accuse/defend cycle, the fear/shame cycle, and more
  • Intergenerational trauma
  • Immigrant families
  • Codependency issues

Development of your Professional Identity as a Therapist

I provide guidance for therapists entering the field or making a professional transition. I take into consideration each consultee’s unique characteristics, experiences, and cultural background to help with the personal and professional growth that supports their clinical work.

  • Caring for the health of therapists: There are many stressors such as compassion fatigue, burnout, and overwhelming administrative tasks—I provide insights on case conceptualization and therapeutic planning that can help you manage your professional load.
  • As a career coach, I help you change your relationship with money, identify limiting beliefs around finances and success, and formulate a plan that supports your career goals (as defined by you!).
  • If you’re pursuing a private practice, I help you attract the type of clients you want to work with, pick a specialty, navigate the business of setting up a practice, and learn how to maintain a stable stream of incoming clients and referrals.
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Approach Couples Issues Systemically

Addressing couples issues becomes more effective when you have certain skill sets that can apply to recurring scenarios. By approaching couples' issues systemically, I help you:

  • Observe and experience couples in the moment
  • Know when to intervene tactfully, once you have built rapport
  • Map out conflict cycles
  • Know how to guide a couple through therapy as a leader
  • Quickly customize your approach to meet different couples' needs
  • Identify traits of strength and resilience in couple members
  • Learn how to remedy insecure attachment styles
  • Identify key moments of opening to overcome defenses
  • Identify mutual principles and objectives between couple members 
  • Make couples feel safe and secure in therapy
  • Help couples regulate emotional reactivity
  • Guide couple members through emotional processing

Structuring First Sessions

For therapists who need help structuring first sessions with their clients, I train them on my own onboarding process. This involves familiarizing yourself with a client’s background and goals, as well as setting up a customized roadmap for you and your client to work from.

Gaining Confidence with Various Methodologies

I don’t drop a lot of theories or long speeches—instead, I apply relevant methodologies for couples and relational therapy to cases in an integrated way. My experience with the most common clinical situations enables me to review cases with you to provide discussion or support and prescribe tools appropriate to the situation at hand. I pick and choose what’s most useful to you in a given case and focus on frameworks, not just individual skills or interventions.

Session Structure and Pricing

I accommodate therapists seeking both long-term and short-term consultations. The frequency of consultations is determined by your individual goals and needs.

• Clinical consultation for therapists:

$175 per 50 minutes

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