heal yourself.

Heal Your Relationships.

When hijacked by emotional pains and urges, our brains revert back to survival mode. In this state we play out old patterns and unprocessed trauma, causing harm to our most cherished relationships.‍

My mission as a relational therapist is to help you break maladaptive behavioral cycles and ways of relating to yourself. In interrupting these patterns, we open new avenues of communication—giving you healthier ways of connecting with the people you love most.



Apollonia Wenting Kang

Licensed Psychotherapist, LCPC, LMHC, EdM

I empower clients to understand their underlying behavioral patterns, helping them create long-lasting change.

I established my own private practice, Hibiscus Psychotherapy PLLC, so I could co-create tangible change in people’s relationships. I’ve committed myself to ongoing growth as a relational therapist, studying at institutions such as Columbia University, The University of Chicago, The Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy Institute, The Couples Institute and The Academy for Couples Therapists. As a native Chinese speaker, I also offer sessions in Chinese to help those looking for therapy in their native language.

Whether clients come to therapy for a short-term problem or crisis, or for long-term personal growth, I tailor my approach to help them create the best version of themselves.

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individual therapy

Support & Guidance for Inner Healing

Developing self-awareness is key to dealing with issues of anxiety, anger, depression and trauma. Yet it can be overwhelming to take stock of our internal challenges, and to face these painful experiences alone. I act as a guide and a companion to help individuals understand how they have been shaped by their environment, as well as find their place in the world at large. In working with me, individuals cultivate the resilience needed for healing and growth.

couples therapy

Facilitating Dialogue for Stronger Relationships

Whether struggling with conflict, healing betrayal, or approaching pivotal milestones like marriage or separation, many couples find themselves in need of counseling. My mission is to help couples by giving them the tools to express themselves effectively without defenses. It’s through this collaboration that couples are able to find common ground and can build a path forward.

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family therapy

Creating Long-Lasting Change for Families

I help families address the challenges inherent to generational differences, and restore connection between parents and children separated by ideological and cultural gaps. I understand issues common to immigrant and Asian families, including frequent points of contention and disagreement. It’s through the work we do together that family members can heal from past resentment, and truly begin to show up authentically to one another.

for therapists

A Pedagogical Approach to Clinical Consultation

It's my mission to help educate the next generation of therapists so that the field can continue to grow and evolve. As a consultant, I advise relational therapists on methodologies and systems that can be used to grow their own practices and enrich their clinical skills.

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